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About me 

I am the founder of St. Christopher’s Metaphysical Temple.

My name in Ifa is Chief Iya IdiAgba Olaifa, many call me Godmother or "Madrina", or just Marcia. I am a Shango (Sàngó) priest, Chief in Ogboni, Iyanifa (priestess) in Ifa, and also initiated to Olukun, Aganju, and Egbe, all of which took place between Osogbo and Oyo, Nigeria.  


For over 30 years, I have played an active role in my community as a healer and educator of the Santeria Lucumi religion. However, since 2010, my involvement in Ifa has taught me how to use my gifts extensively to help any who seeks spiritual help and information.


Our spiritual family is still growing and learning here, but we always want to welcome new people with positive energy into our Temple.

Ase O,

Chief Iya IdiAgba Olaifa 

Chief Iya IdiAgba Olaifa 


If you are interested and want to learn more about our temple and services, please contact us! 

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