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About us

Our Mission

St. Christopher’s Metaphysical Temple, a socio-cultural center, is dedicated to the preservation of culture, inclusivity, enrichment of the community by providing food security, community care, sustainability, community events, teachings of spiritual humanities, and spiritual guidance.

We are the assistance to the light of one’s own awareness through spiritual guidance and growth.

St. Christopher’s Metaphysical Temple, in the IFA system, provides realization, guidance thru divination and resolution.

Our doors have been open to those seeking spiritual help through the use of spiritual and tarot readings, consultations, and healing through reiki. Though St. Christopher's Metaphysical Temple is welcoming to all religious beliefs, our temple originally practiced Santeria Lucumi. Today we primarily practice Ifa; the traditional Yoruba religion. It has become our mission to bring greater understanding to the American diaspora about the Yorùbá culture, its sister faiths, and our original beginning.

What is Ifa?

Ifa can mend any spiritual path that needs fixing in ones' life through a complex system, directing us and our souls to a fulfilling lifestyle both mentally and spiritually, in which we could not obtain on our own. Ifa expresses the words of Olódùmarè, the supreme being, presented through Orunm​ila, the Orisha of wisdom and knowledge. Olódùmarè commissioned not only Orunmila, but other orisha's; which are spiritual deities and energy that govern our universe, such as the oceans, rivers, earth, etc. They serve as the intermediaries for communication between humans and Olódùmarè; guiding our spirits into realization.

What is it that we do?

As followers of Ifa and practices from sister religions, St. Christopher's  offers various services which fit ones specific spiritual needs. We can help in the uncovering of past lives, hidden secrets, and self actualization. Though this practice is not popular in the states, it is not unheard of. Our main goal is to practice without having to hide or fear of any judgment.

We want to teach people, all people, how to connect with their ancestors and spirits, and their significance in our lives. Working on our spirituality allows us to see the path Ifa has paved for us, opening our minds and eyes to follow it, guiding us to our purpose here on this earth. 


Coming soon:

We will soon be having biweekly meetings at St. Christopher's Temple to discuss the true meaning of Ifa. We will hold open discussions and classes on ways to, meditate and communicate with our spirits, ancestors, and the orishas.

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