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My Journey

Updated: Jun 15

As the founder of Saint Christopher's Metaphysical Temple, my journey through spirituality has been long, zigzagged, backwards, forwards, upside down and right side up. My life is full of many different milestones, many different teaching moments and many different wonderful stories.

My journey began in my late teens in London, as a Nurse specializing in Psychology and Psychiatry. Although life had different plans for me, my goal was to always help and guide people. My intentions have not changed but has been redirected to the spiritual aspect of life.

Throughout my early years, I had always had the gift of seeing through dreams, visions, and spirits themselves; but I did not know that one dream specifically would change my life.

This wasn’t my first encounter with spirituality, but it was the first dream I acted on!

In London, I had dreamt I would visit a woman in New York who would give me a reading about my destiny and true faith. The woman in my dream fit the description of my mother’s godmother in Brooklyn. Taking the trip from London to New York I visited her and she gave me a reading about a spirit I have, the gifts I have possessed since birth, and I also received elekes (beaded necklaces). From that meeting and before traveling back to London, I started learning about the Santeria Lucumi religion.

November of 1981, I moved to New York. I then had another dream about the Palo system. The following year, I got involved and initiated to Palo Mayombe through a ceremony called Rayamiento. Moving forward to September of 1985, I was initiated Sàngó Oro for Aganju in the Santeria Lucumi religion. As a priest I started working in New York, Queens. I moved to Florida in June of 1990 and continued my work as a Sàngó priest. As time went on, I became more educated in Santeria by working with experienced Oriates and Babalows; learning the techniques to be a successful priest.

Although I was progressing, I still felt as if something was missing. In 2008, I moved to North Port, Florida (Sarasota County). After moving and trying to develop myself in this area, I realized that not many places have a true understanding of this religion or offer the many services that are needed by so many individuals. I needed to open a place that people could feel welcome and get a better understanding of the religion and assistance in finding their true path/ way in life. I then opened St. Christopher’s Metaphysical a 501(c)(3) in 2009. In the interim of everything, this, the Santeria way, was not what my spirits wanted. My spirits guided me to the Ifa religion and I joined in 2010. I am now both traditional and Lucumi.

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